What you can look forward to in an online therapy ...

What does my therapy look like?

It takes about 1.5-2 hours (online videocall - I need to see you). I can assure you it works to the same effect as a face-to-face meeting. Itś been done many times with great results!

As a framework of the session I use the EST method and I combine it with other techniques  based on what is needed. I´ll be using a pendulum. As soon as we say everything important on the given topic, you will have a look at a story in your past when something similar happened to you for the first time. We might even touch your past lives. The thing is that it had a very strong emotional / energetic impact on you at that time. And the energy got tangled up.

In the original story we will discover more than one limiting belief that you gained from the story. We will look at all of them and immediately clear them up which means that up to dozens of limiting beliefs can be named and cleared at once in one therapy. Even seemingly incompatible limiting beliefs can be connected with one issue.

I will guide you through your story and explore all the aspects where I can see an imbalance and inconsistency with the laws of the universe. We can clear up anything you want to.

I will also guide and motivate you to "correct" the story in "that" past. You will experience there that only you are the Creator of your life (even if you haven't considered it that way yet).

And this correction will manifest also in your current issue.

I will guide you through the mysterious cave of your conscious and subconscious mind...

The Shamans used to send their disciples to a dark unknown cave. There the disciples proceeded alone without light, sometimes even overnight.

They had a ball of string with them. One end of the string was held outside by the shaman ready to go and help if necessary.

The disciples were undergoing a transformation there...

You can experience something similar with me. However, you don't have to physically enter any cave.

Only a "cave" of your subconscious will suffice.

Even though your subconscious may seem dark to you, I will guide you in such a way that you will find your own patterns that impede, limit and / or sabotage you. I will always be there to come to your aid.

Let's have look at the real (ancient) roots of your issue...

...it's like weeding the garden. Sometimes the roots are really tangled and deep, but I can untangle them very easily and I can go to great depth.

If you rip out the problem only on the surface, it will reappear later and it doesn't lead anywhere. However, I can take you to the root cause and thus solve it effectively.

Changing a point of view...

I will guide you to see yourself from a different perspective.

You will be able to see the things that you may not have been able to see before...

You will get the answers that you might not have even known that were hidden within you.

It's like going for mushroom picking. You don't see any mushroom in the woods. Then you kneel down, have a look around and suddenly you can see a lot of mushrooms around you.

There is so much magic in changing the perspective and I will always guide you to this during our therapy.

We can connect seemingly unrelated issues


All the areas of our lives are deeply interconnected:

Our job or our business, our personal growth, the family relationships, the relationship with ourselves, our role in the society, our health and much more.

It is very interesting and effective to realize this interconnection and, thanks the removal of subconscious blocks and a conscious change in the behavior, to start healing. So we can improve one aspect of life and observe how the other aspects improve too!

You will explore your shadows...

We often need to blame others: "They are to be blamed!!" ...But therefore, we do not see our part or role in which we contributed to the situation. 

We are the creators of our lives and there is no point in pretending it´s not true. It is always certain that we have contributed somehow to a given situation.

It is pretty relieving to see and realize the truth about ourselves. And if necessary, to acknowledge our mistake, apologize and even to forgive (ouselves). By this act we are transforming fear and hatred into love and freedom.


We can discover for example your primitive wo/man...


Our higher self or cellular memory knows and still remembers what happened to us some time ago. Even though it was millions of years ago. We still keep some patterns of ´fight for survival´ behavior inside ourselves.

At that time we had to fight for survival and by keeping this pattern, we keep on fighting for survival even nowadays...But in different conditions :-)

This pattern can also be processed.


I'll become your mirror and reflect to you what is deep inside you...

...and then you can change yourself as if by using a magic wand.

It will be easier for you because the patterns in your subconscious and the energetic blocks in your body will be released.